International Association of Electrical Inspectors, George Washington Chapter.

This chapter encompasses Washington, D.C. and most of Maryland.

In addition to general information on IAEI and our chapter, this page will offer you contact numbers, news of forthcoming meetings and seminars, minutes of previous meetings, and links to other electrical safety web sites.

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Biography of the man who revived our chapter in the mid-1980s: Art Hesse
A discussion of CEU-earning activity, including a notice of our forthcoming meeting; and then an index of previous meeting topics, starting with the most recent; then finally minutes, starting with those for our last meeting. Minutes, include detailed reporting of the presentations

Our purpose is to further electrical safety, and in particular to foster electrical education and the uniform application of electrical standards. About a third of us are electrical inspectors, mostly working for local governments, but including quite a few third-party inspectors. The other two-thirds are contractors or their employees, engineers, consultants, and representatives of organizations that support IAEI. (The ratio of inspectors to contractors is reversed in our Canadian section; go figure.)

As of Fall 2013, we had sixty-plus local members. We welcome others who might consider joining IAEI. Our meetings are held on the third Tuesday evenings of January, March, May, September, and November. We normally take care of chapter business and then enjoy an educational program.

Continuing Education credits are provided for those current members who attend a full session and sign in properly. In July, 2008, we were officially added to the list of approved Continuing Education providers by the Prince George's County Board of Registration for Master Electricians, Journeyman Electricians, Apprentice Electricians, Electrical Contractors, and Electrical Subcontractors. Here's a link for our current activity. The full version of the minutes of all our meetings to date can be found below Our meeting minutes are also published in the online version of international magazine, IAEI News.
Here's a link to an extended obituary of Art Hesse, our chapter's godfather.

Use this link for the web site of IAEI Headquarters

If you have questions or comments about this web page, please call the Chapter secretary at 301-699-8833, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. If we're out, please use the voicemail. Voicemail is quite reliable except when there's an outage. For other local questions, contact either him or one of the other officers listed below.

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George Washington Chapter Phone Numbers and Web Addresses

President: Robert Welborne

Past President: vacant.

Vice President and Membership Director: KarlMirpanah

Secretary-Treasurer: David Shapiro , (301) followed by 699-8833, 9 am - 9 pm; You also can fax, but only by pre-arrangement--there've been too many robofaxes. His web site is and


Links and descriptions

We are a chapter of a Not-for-Profit incorporated association, and have a copy of the Internationl Association's 501(C)(6) form available. Our tax ID number is 522092888. Note, though, that as IAEI is classified as a 501(C)(6) organization, donations do not qualify as tax deductions.

These are a few web sites that may be useful to people looking for answers to questions on the NEC, IAEI, or our chapter: -- the International Office -- includes membership information, a bulletin board for Code and other questions, jobs ....

http:/ -- links to this very site, with our chapter's news, including meetings, seminars. . .

Various electricians and consultants have sites with useful information, including lots of links to Codes and Standards organizations. They include the following:

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